7 thoughts on “Car-sharing rivals: Here is how to fight Uber”

  1. These car services are a God send; it’s about time for better than taxi cab services for a reasonable price!

  2. Lyft is so much better. I use it all the time, especially on the weekend 🙂

    If y’all want a $20 credit, download Lyft and enter promo code: COLLEGE20 in the payment section.

  3. I agree with your point: going head-to-head with Uber with far fewer resources is simply stupid and I see so many car share startups doing just that. Along with the focus of quality over scale, some other tactics for competitors:
    – fight on your own turf. not every single company has to launch in San Francisco, especially not every transportation company. taxis and transport in general have unique geo-specific traits so pick a different market that you can nail before Uber does like BlaBlaCar has done in parts of Europe
    – pick a different customer. corporations, hotels, etc employ lots of taxi and limo services. try building car share products for them instead of only the consumer segment. some folks like local motion are doing this but its definitely underexplored
    – test other business models. why not a subscription service with mileage limits similar to how longterm rentals work? for someone like you (Om) who uses these services as their main form of transportation this may make more sense. and you get to lock in your customers.
    I’m sure there are plenty more but these are some I have been thinking about and advising folks to try – glad that you highlighted this issue.

    1. Mitali

      I have been thinking about the lock-in: and I think from my standpoint faster access for “whales” aka regular users is a good way to create sticky and loyal customers.

      I have had the chance to use other services but Uber works because I don’t have the friction of signing up for another account/ That is a good option too. I am thinking maybe some of these regional services could form a “WiFi styled” pooled network, which allows folks to roam from one city to another.

      Clearly, liquidity is key.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. @Mitali.. Subscription service is an incredible idea. If I can get a discounted rate to complete X miles a month from another service, I would jump ship from Uber.

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