11 thoughts on “Reid Hoffman invests in Care.com”

  1. I think we have something even better than care.com – please see CareSquare.com

    A free social network connecting parents directly to caregivers, allowing for peer-review and real-time booking of care.

    Elder care slated for release end-of-year. Would love to hear your thoughts.

  2. Sitter City has been doing this for a while – for baby and pet sitters. While people may pay the $10/month until they hire a sitter, there is very little incentive to continue paying the subscription fee after a sitter is found, since you don’t hire 3 different sitters to take care of your kid or aging parent – each coming in at different time of day. However, there is a definite benefit to the service provider, who may be willing to pay for this service.

  3. I’m here scouting, I confess, for back links but some days I think the real bonus of trawling through the blogs like this is that I discover things going on in the world, not just in my sphere of employment, but all kinds of things, that are of great interest and otherwise I’d simply never hear of. It’s very interesting to read about these developments in our industry, I’ll be passing the details back to the office.


  4. I took a look at care.com. It appears that they need to do a lot more to help senior service providers market their services more effectively and efficiently. Perhaps reaching out to in-home care providers might be a better option.
    Valerie VanBooven

  5. I think this fills a void in an elder care system that looks like swiss cheese!

    My company provides professionally trained caregivers at reasonable rates, but there are still many families out there that can’t afford our level of care.

    Care.com could be a great database of names for recruiting new caregivers!

    Great Post – Thanks!

  6. No, this wasn’t a new idea, Sittercity has been around for a long time and Sheila is probably discovering that recruiting babysitters isn’t the same as lawyers – probably glad she is burning through someone else’s cash.

  7. Well, here I am back again a year later… the world’s turned a little but I see people are still posting here. It’s interesting again how some pages last on the web, this one and its content remain topical.
    We’ve opened up, not a care agency, although you could describe the Nanny aspect of the service as caring, I suppose, but an agency to provide household/domestic staff in general but with a distinction we believe to be unique to the UK – no agency fees. Please, feel free to check us out.


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