One thought on “Carriers Versus Handset Makers”

  1. Dude,

    Can I have some of what you are smoking?

    Serously, the OMA stuff, along with DVB-X (or whatever it is called these days) just provides a *STANDARD* mechanism/interface/API (take your pick) for content delivery to any manufacturers handset. Will manufacturers actually try to set up the direct business relationships w/ content providers? I don’t think so. Will moto or nokia or ericsson or samsung, for all of their handset biz, jeopardize their fairly lucrative RAN and CORE infrastructure businesses? NOT!

    I agree with you about the long-term (10 years from now) though. Cable/DSL/mobile operators will turn into bit-pipe providers, and consumers will be able to get content/applications directly from providers. With voice being just another such app.

    What does this long-term shift do for content? I think it finally makes them king, for all of a few days – if you think viewership is fragmented now, just wait for 10 years from now. You might actually be making money off your blog. 🙂

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