11 thoughts on “Cat Got Adobe's VoIP?”

  1. Don’t think that Adobe really wants to build a VoIP app. Who has ever made real big money out of voip? It’s a cent game.

    I think Adobe is more interested in enabling the platform, because that’s what they now are: a platform company.

  2. Weird , Why would it be more difficult with Flash to Do pure SIP/RTP UDP sockets than with other technologies ?

    Do like Wengo , an http tunnel server in case SIP ports are blocked.

  3. your site is like kryptonite now…sorry, just can’t browse , it looks like something information from a pharma co…

  4. @Update: What backend? What server-side? Once Flash has speech engine (need wideband, preferably Speex; G711 is BW hog and poor quality) and UDP transport capability, I will be able to connect the two end-points without any further assistance from any backend from Adobe. Of course, I do not have a solution for their monetization problem. They decided to give away intelligent ends; now they can not try to insert a Middle. (http://www.mocaedu.com/mt/archives/000338.html)

  5. The infighting between former Macromedia and Adobe is also the problem. The teams hate each other. You will be seeing more examples of adobe missing the boat.

  6. “YouTube got the upside of Flash video”? They lose millions every year and nobody makes much money off online video. It would be monumentally stupid of Adobe to start locking down their products for better monetization when nobody else is making money off those technologies either.

  7. The issue isn’t that the Flash platform can’t create SIP signaling (this would be easy, it’s an XHTML based language), the issue is it has restrictions in creating any audio, other than the Adobe audio standard. The “workarounds” these 3rd party companies are doing essentially send the audio to a Flash Media Server (or compatible), which then decodes the audio, and re-encodes it to a standard VoIP audio codec. Adobe won’t be unlocking this one, and I’m sure the update the provide for the Flash player will lock it in so you can only send G.711/G.729a/G.723 to their servers.

  8. For Adobe to believe they could have done anything to preempt YouTube from monetizing flash is just plain idiotic. No wonder Chizen resigned — with the Adobe business development executives merrily dreaming away in the executive suite.

  9. To use VoIP in new version of flash player with all functionality (like making connections to SIP proxies and gateways) you probably will need to buy their server solution (like FMS). But P2P will be available for everyone with backend support of Adobe servers for NAT traversal for example…

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