6 thoughts on “CEO Larry Page & 7 amazing stats about Google”

  1. Over 100m users on google+
    Interesting, wonder how many are unique on G+, and what’s the usage on a daily basis.

  2. Look at the sharing button right below this article. Currently 272 tweets, 75 Linkedin shares, 110 FB likes, and only 32 Google +1’s. Google+ is struggling, has been struggling, and wouldn’t even be alive if Google didn’t have stupid money propping it up.

    1. It was a nice take on social networking but not wanted or needed in the market at the moment. I think if they were able to try this when MySpace was still king it would have taken off a lot better.

  3. While all these are very nice statistics to know, these don’t provide much visibility into Google’s future revenues.
    There are few statistics, which Google won’t disclose, but can help Investors with some visibility/predictability of Google’s future revenues: How many customers (advertisers) Google has? How the number of customers has increased over time? What is the average revenue per customer? What is the revenue split between search, display, and mobile advertising? How is it changing over time?
    Google generates over 96% of its revenues from advertising and this has remained true for last several years. Though Google has evolved its Search offering, got into Mobile space, trying to get into Operating systems, and has build offerings for the Enterprises, any of them has not yet resulted into major revenue streams. Apple, on the other hand, earned 70% of the revenues from products (iPhone and iPad) that didn’t existed 5 years ago. Can Google do that? Can Google innovate its Business Model so that 50% of revenues in 2017 will not come from advertising, but from Google new value propositions in next 5 years?
    Jitender Miglani

  4. IMO Google should buy Reddit, Github and perhaps StackExchange. They’re trying to go social all at once with a top-down strategy when instead they should be cultivating communities that are part of their DNA.

  5. Over 100 M users active on G+? I wonder what their definition of “active” is… I’m guess it’s very close to “has an account and has logged in at least once since the launch of G+.” Don’t get me wrong

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