16 thoughts on “And Now For The Real CES, Macworld”

  1. Hey Om, you sounded rather grumpy in this podsession. Didnt have you usual two rounds this evening? 😉 But good stuff really. I think the whole net neutrality issue will be big this year.

  2. hi om,

    very good podcast, exactly what i thought. on the google video thingy i had just one more thought. how can you get into the video market and NOT put up the video of the keynote where this decision was announced?


  3. If by mediocre you mean awful. Just another example of Google putting out a shoddy product that Wall Street wets itself over. I challenge someone to name something Google has done well in the past 18 months outside of its core business, aside from look in the mirror and fawn over itself.

  4. The lack of a Mac mini media centre was a but of a disappointment. I was really hoping for a grand push into video. No new media deals either. Figured movie downloads would’ve been a sure thing or at least contracts with more TV networks. They did announce a lot, but not what I was expecting and nothing for me to buy.

  5. Anybody notice that iTunes Music Store has stuff like “Best of Jimmy Fallon” and “Best of Christopher Walken” among their SNL downloads? These are already out as DVDs and they are not little – they are feature-length and feature-price (10 or 12 bucks). Is this the dry run for selling actual movies?

  6. I think Apple has been changing its release schedule. You can’t fit all the things we would love to have in one MW. Plus, it’s too constraining for a company to gear all of its product announcements for one big date. We saw Apple having lots of announcements last Fall. It almost became a joke with all the announcements. I think things like the Media Center mini, etc., will all come in due time, Apple’s time.

  7. Despite the perceived success of TiVo, the only
    successful mass market CE device from Silicon
    Valley in recent years has been iPod.

    Ummm… How about all the Palm PDAs & Treos…

  8. RIM has been a success with Blackberry. Palm is already irrelevant. Given the depth to which it is embedded in the popular lexicon I think TiVo is a success as a product — unfortunately not so much as a company.

  9. “Microsoft Vista, MTV Urge? AWOL as of now.”

    Weren’t you the one convinced by the announcement of this nonexistent service that Apple was going to lose? Can’t you be consistent or at least not treat your readers as if they have a memory span of one week?

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