13 thoughts on “Change is good, for GigaOM”

  1. Fyi,

    Firefox 1.0 PR on Fedora Core 2, and the two columns have no center spacing between them. They don’t overlap, but they are right next to each other.

    PS. Who ever said “write once, run everywhere” … (tic)

  2. Charlie, I am assuming this is happening on either a windows or a linux machine. because i am not finding any bugs on the mac so far. just wondering what’s going on. hopefully it should be fixed soon enough …. sorry about that

  3. Yeah, its Linux.

    Fyi, “Fedora Core” is the new name of RedHat’s (do you see the inside? joke) free linux version.

    TMI, I know.

    Google should be releasing their desktop search product for Mac pretty soon, let us know how you like. For the linux crowd Beagle is even better than GDS because it searches PDFs.

  4. The first time I opened the site on Firefox PR today, it seemed all messed up, with just two columns appearing right next to each other. But I refreshed the browser as one comment suggested and its all fine now. Thanks.

  5. Om, Mike,

    I just loaded your page and it was screwed, but then I hit refresh like others have mentioned and the page come to life.

    Very nice design, with the gray column, etc.

    Only one nit, some of us readers do run big monitors and high resolutions, so if you could use floating width CSS columns to suck up all the space that is usually the best experience.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. That’s a good idea. I’ll try making the left column elastic instead of fixed width, just so people with bigger screens can read the content easier.

    I wish there was a way to force browsers to redownload the CSS file, because many people are viewing the cached old copy and it doesn’t work with the new layout because I changed some of the HTML.

    If anybody knows of a trick, e-mail me or post it here.

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