6 thoughts on “China bubble to pop?”

  1. … or as a smart man once told me, US is in a WINCH pinch – Wal mart, INdia and CHina pinch. he had this all figured out long time before i did

  2. higher yuan would impact BB vendors that are in the commodified low-end, but not so much those in the higher end.

  3. Sure enough Ron, and I think even at mid-to-higher end it would seriously ease pricing pressure that most majors if not all are experiencing right now.

  4. Higher yuan would also take the sheen off of Chinese competitors in their home markets (a little) and would make China more open to foreign competition. Also, price-sensitive emerging markets would come into greater play as Chinese goods would rise in price relative to other goods.

  5. Of the almost one hundred new stores which WalMart plans to open in China this year only one will be a SuperCenter. It will be called: The Great WalMart of China.

    We don’t have to be serious all the time do we?

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