4 thoughts on “China has 31.65 million broadband homes.”

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  2. Yes, China internet use is huge and growing. As you noted it is second to the U.S. in internet users, but within 3 years it is expected to take over the top slot.

    Additionally, Chinese consumer spending is predicted to quintuple over next 10 years to $3.7 trillion!

    Also, the China market is HUGE in the wireless and online gaming space with close to 400MM+ mobile users.

    We have some addtional stats about China and the internet and advertising market posted on our blog that we pulled together while doing some research for a Chinese internet ad agency client of ours: http://blackinc.typepad.com/future/2005/06/is_the_china_in.html

  3. This is clearly not counting the millions who use Internet cafes. By one count, around 280 thousand cafes with more than 100 PCs. Multiplying that out: that’s 28,000,000 PCs. Assuming each PC is used by only 3 people taking turns full time (an absurdly conservative estimate), there are no fewer 125 million Chinese using Internet cafes.

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