One thought on “Is Chip Consolidation Looming Large?”

  1. hi om malik

    This is not a comment to the above post..

    As a loyal user of yahoo i would like to request you to do a writeup about the state of yahoo in India.

    Why a company like google which started with
    mission of only concentrating on search started eating up yahoo lunch lately in india.

    yahoo messenger sucks badly.Google is promoting orkut with gtalk(which performs far better than Y! messenger).

    IMing in yahoo is very bad.It is not efficient anymore and messages do not reach users.

    Geocities and yahoo mail are useless and they require a facelift badly.

    Yahoo search is very slow in India

    I don’t see the idea why interface is so bad.

    and yahoo groups is filled with spam bots.

    If yahoo doesn’t react to these issues.All indian students are likely shift to google products in less than 2 years If yahoo doens’t provide nice services.

    I don’t understand what is yahoo doing even after the Brangelina’s peanut butter manifesto.Reshuffling doesn’t matter at the management level.But all they need an efficient guy at the top who is capable to making yahoo products usable.

    I request you to do a writeup on yahoo and how they lack strategy towards many things and why all the yahoo products needs to evolve very badly.

    I hope you will


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