3 thoughts on “Chips are forecasting for pain for tech sector”

  1. As someone who deals with chips on a daily basis and follows these reports, I’ll just say this: the analysts are bipolar. They will forecast doom and gloom one day and butterflies and roses the next. While in general I agree that a slowdown in the chip industry is happening (though not as much as they say), I think it could just as easily turn around in less than a month.

    1. Good points Chris. I do agree, many of the analyst firms are bipolar and often make calls long after the fact. Regardless, i think it is good for us to be paying attention to all the inputs – macro-economic, chips and what not to have a better handle of the health of technology sector.

      Thanks again for your comments.

      1. No prob! If you find an analyst who is reliable, please let me know. I am often searching for this kind of information for my podcast (about electronics) but more than a few times have found someone stating the future and then a contrasting article directly after. Very frustrating.

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