12 thoughts on “Chips say a thinner, lighter Macbook Pro is coming”

  1. The main problem with the Air line (I use both) is you can’t put enough RAM on them to do any heavy work. That’s what I need.

  2. I have irrefutable proof they’re bringing out new, better MacBook pros: I just went and bought one of the old ones 🙁

  3. A lot of people in the music production world are using MB Pros instead of desktops. They need the horsepower and storage. I imagine there are folks in the graphics world doing the same thing. Both using external monitors of course.

  4. Apple better not remove the optical drive. I REALLY want a macboo pro for university whcih is 3 YEARS AWAY and the university reqires a laptop with an optical drive….

    1. Stop fretting. In three years’ time, the university probably won’t require optical drives anymore and, even if it does, you can get an external one.

  5. I’m a graphic designer who works from several locations. My mbp 17″ which are maxed out in all regards are running insanely hot from time to time. I simply can’t imagine how Apple plans to fit all that power into an even smaller space when it comes to the 17″. It will melt right though the tabletop. I’m very curious to see what they come up with – and sincerely hope that a new designline won’t be a tradeoff in power. I wouldn’t mind loosing the optical drive though…in these days, who uses cd’s or dvd’s. I get all my ‘materials’ through the cloud.

  6. What about the professionals? I use my laptop for my photography and designer needs. My concern is compatibility. Will thunder bolt be the only input available? Since firewire is on the verge of being obsolete and usb 3 is a pc thing. I know that thunder bolt has the fastest transfer rate but the hardware out there that actually uses it is minimal. Apple’s main revenue comes from ipads and Iphone. computers is only 20% of apple’s profit margin but apple should not forget it’s professional consumers. Then what will i do, go back to pc’s? the thought send chills down my spine.

  7. There could always be a completely new Mac line up, upcoming in three days or later this summer. After all, Apple dropped the white MacBook. I cannot see Apple sacrificing performance for lighter weight. I was thinking about buying a 15-Inch MacBook Pro myself before college (two years), and I want the performance of a MacBook Pro with the portability (and lesser cost) of a 15-Inch versus a 17-Inch. I have even read that Apple might even drop the 17-Inch MacBook Pro due to falling sales. I think messing with the product line up could be a bad decision for Apple, and I bet they know it, but hopefully we will see a worthwhile compromise.

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