5 thoughts on “Cingular, AT&T Wireless Merger Some Thoughts”

  1. AIGH!

    I am going through the same thing in the East, though I just want EDGE as there’s no 3G here ;(

    The real trick is getting a straight answer on both coverage of the EDGE network and the cost for unlimited data.

    Both companies — which are very much alive still as you see with big ATT signs bolted to the banner decorated store — don’t have matching plans and have far from done the work to merge things. I realize it’s early, but man is it a mess.

    They need some talking points at minimum so they can give clear info.

  2. Om, I agree. My sales rep who manages one of the busiest stores in midtown Manhattan told me he is “getting fed up with Cingular, they are cutting the commisions and i need more help in the store”. He was assistant manager and had to take over when the manager abruptly left. To top it all off, he is originally from Canada and is thinking of moving back. You know you are in trouble when your commisioned employees think there are better oportunities north of the border.

  3. Cingular Sucks. Since they bought AT&T the towers drop calls like hot potatoes. I cannot now drive through the Knoxville, Tennessee metro area and hang onto a call. Average drop per mile is 1 drop every mile. Also this excessive call dropping causes you to have more partial minutes rounded up. Before, I could drive all over the same area and seldom drop a call.

    I am going to report them to the FCC. They are lying about the 4 bars. My phone will now show no bars, run the connect timer for 30 seconds, then drop the call, then go full strength on the next tower. Lousy call passing. SOmeone tell me who has the best network.

  4. I have the same problems here. My monthly bill has gone up $8 since cingular decided to recalculate all bills and my service has gone to crap. I am already thinking of jumping ship when my contract is up in 9 months.

  5. Cingular is definetly the best in Knoxville, TN great great coverage never drop a call and 3G is awesome watch all my shows while I’m on the go… so cool

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