4 thoughts on “Cisco buys Ironport for $830 million”

  1. Whoever can deliver on the foremost anti-spamware will be in a very powerful position – it’s only going to get worse until we all switch to IM communities!

    If anyone is interested in helping develop a radical virtual company developing anti spyware and anti spam technology get in touch abelflint {at} yahoo {dot{ co {dot} uk

  2. I think state of anti-spam and anti spyware at the moment is just a never ending cat and mouse game, spyware and spam is getting more and more intellegent and this is probably something to look out for in 2007. Creative Spam and Spyware! .

    Cisco might have made a good short term buy but I dont see how they will be able to be at the forefront of this war on spam and spyware for the long term. They should focus more on the network instead of whats going through it. Perhaps cisco is getting greedy ?.

  3. Can anyone post some links to understand how such companies are valued?

    i read somewhere that one way is to calculate the price as a million per engineer. ironport has 407 ppl. so they paid 2 million per engineer?

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