25 thoughts on “Chasing Consumers, Cisco to Buy Design House Moto”

  1. Great pickup by Cisco! If I’m not wrong they were also the designers of the flip camera. As we all know, a tremendous consumer success that change the way the video camera market sold and design products. Obviously, Cisco took notice of this when they bought flip last year.

    The Moto guys will certainly help Cisco move into the consumer market much faster and with better design products. However, I do agree with you that Cisco itself and the type of products they produce will not have a major impact in consumer retail.

    But definitely an A+ to Cisco for giving it the old college try.

  2. Does Cisco really think that a bunch of top creatives (if they are that) will stick around in a matrix environment and a generally boring product line?

    Dollars to doughnuts the ant farm will tip over within 6 months, and all the little buggers will escape.

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