5 thoughts on “Cisco Eyeing Flip Maker, Pure Digital”

  1. Knowing quite a few people at Pure Digital, I’m actually sad that this deal is almost done. Pure Digital is one of my favorite companies, and I hate to see them get sucked into corporate world.

  2. Somewhat orthogonal to the deal, I wrote a post on leveraging the Flip Video user base as beat reporters for a crowd sourced version of CNN.

    The premise is that you can build a (near) real time news network with bureaus/beats all around the world on the cheap (or free) since Flip Video cameras are cheap, highly mobile, and deliver “good enough” quality to be enjoyed on big screen TVs.

    There are more specifics in the post, but what I would love to see is Cisco evangelize their consumer-y deals for enabling “disruptive enterprise” applications, like this one.

    Here is a link to the post:

    Flip Video News – Crowd Sourcing meets CNN

    Check it out if interested.


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