9 thoughts on “Cisco Virtualizes the Network, the Data Center”

  1. VMWare is being used as a bank with endless money by Cisco, EMC and rest of the tech world. Real fortunes being built on Virtual OS.

    One fine day – VMW will be broken up into parts and used like Berkley Unix. Every company like Cisco will have their own rendition of VMW and this will be pushed into the Data Center World.

  2. Om,

    I was briefed on both products well before announcement, and honestly Riverbed and Cisco’s announcements have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Riverbed has nothing to worry about from any of Cisco’s offerings at this point. WAAS is a total non-starter and they’re one of the first in the deduped primary storage space. You should get briefed on it, it’s truly an innovative technology. Cisco’s VN-Link isn’t really all that interesting until you get into combined I/O, which is still a few years out.


  3. Clint:

    At this point, VN-Link has very little to do with consolidated I/O. It is focused on addressing current I/O challenges around scaling a server virtualization strategy, namely delivering network and storage services with VM-level granularity and ensuring mobility of those services as VMs move as a results of, say VMotion or DRS.


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