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  1. I am speaking from my own personal experience. I use mobile local search a lot and have click-to-call ads to be much better than web advertisment ads. I think that a mobile search user in more into buying mode whereas a normal web search user is more into research mode. Mobile screens and advertiser web sites still have compatibility issues so that will fuel the click-to-call interface too. We all might be addicted to web and look at the world through over laptop but I guess that many would still prefer taking to somebody over phone about their product/service compared to finding the information over their web site.

  2. One aspect of C2C not talked about as of yet are the coming patent battles over this now-getting-hot but not-so-new technology.

    Just as with Overture/Yahoo excercising their IP rights against compaines like Google and FindWhat/MIVA over the pioneering GoTo paid search patent, it should be interesting to watch what happens if and when the individuals and companies who hold the patent/s to C2C also assert their rights.

    Let the public outcrying and teeth knashing begin.

  3. I agree with Vivek when he states that “mobile search users are […] in buy mode”. For this reason we can look at Click-To-Call features as part of a Customer Relationship Management activity. Especially when you can’t have all the amount of information that a web page can show, you should embed inside the Click-To-Call at least this info:
    – Is there anyone available in the other side?
    – What language do they speak?
    – Do they have the right skills to answer my questions?
    – May I convert the call in a video call?
    In brief, my opinion is that C2C, especially for mobiles, should provide presence info to users.

  4. There is a stealth company in Philadelphia called VoiceStar that is the largest in the click to call world. They have hundreds of partners they do c2c for

  5. ha ha ha nope check out http://www.mexuar.com and start your own click to call service

    Our application is being launched on October the 24th at Astricon in Dallas it’s one of only 2 click to call clientless solutions much better than the last generation crap google are trying to suggest is cutting edge.

    Check out these links for more info

    Also if you haven’t heard of Asterisk check out

    or email me at http://www.cognation.net for more info.


  6. Does any one know how this click to call works from a cell phone. Do I have to dial a special number or do you actually click on the ad and the atvertizer number is call and my cell phone is called from the network? Anyone know? Most cell phones don’t work in data and voice mode at the same time do they? Are they using VoIP?

  7. Google’s click to call services are provided by VoIP, Inc. The latest service launched this week on Google Map and it works great. check it out!

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