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  1. Of course, you can be exited about Apple giving us an API. But why wait until February? There are Linux phones available now. Open. No DRM, no software updates killing your own devices. They can do what you want them to do, not what Steve decided you will pay for they to do.

    And did you miss the Nokia N810 comes with Mozilla Firefox browser? Did you miss Skype?

  2. Unfortunately, this cloud computing concept is ripe for the sort of vendor lock-in which we haven’t seen since the days of the mainframe. Is that progress?

  3. I have been running opera mini in a java sandbox on a nearly two year old nokia model, small screen rendering technology is awesome
    fully 90% of pc browser functionality, dont want flash anyway
    i read my google docs on my phone anywhere
    online office in my pocket anywhere

    i normally just access stuff on google or wikipedia anytime someone argues with me 😉
    RSS feeds, bookmarks, mobile gmail, facebook posts and photos n status updates;
    who is twitter again?

    i am even posting this from my mobile in bed

    i think the whole mobile space is too protected (regulated) in the US because the big boys want to milk this for all it’s worth whereas there are many good solutions out there who dont do the marketing quite right to get the eyeballs and attention that has become the new gold standard

    and of course vested interests never take well to incumbents, especially free, open and non-restrictive alternatives…

    “i’m gonna like need you to move your desk riiight to the back, mmmkay…?”

  4. What if:
    Google and Apple team up to buy a piece of(partner with)the WiMAX network from Sprint, freeing them up to return their focus to their base line business-selling Narrowband (512K to 1Mbps) Cell data/voice?
    Sprint could be contracted to deploy, operate and maintain the WiMAX network, which will eventually (2010) be upgraded to 700Mhz. (of which Google and Apple will win a major piece).
    What Google and Apple both have in common is their lack of a Last Mile, which effectively limits their ability long term to compete with the incumbents (RBOC and CellCo). By teaming up Apple (Hardware & Software) and Google the Next Internet Portal, Content (Hosted Desktop)and Mobile Ad force will dominate the Broadband Wireless distribution networks.
    Both companies also have formidable competitors in Microsoft, AT&T, Nokia and Verizon Wireless which they will need to address if they are to remain leaders in their space.


  5. “Cloud computing” = Microsoft’s worst nightmare. No local install. Open Source “Web OS”. Favors FireFox as default browser.

    Worst of all? That new Nokia 810 and purported HTC hardware for the Google phone are all “business-like” – the suits will use them.

  6. No cellular for the N810, but hasn’t Nokia promised a WiMAX model that will work on the Xohm network? Of course, there’s not supposed to be any subsidies on Xohm devices . . . Still $479 isn’t that outrageous (if that price were to include WiMAX support). I paid $400 for an XV6700 and had to sign a 2-year contract to get it. How much do people pay for unlocked N95 and such, more than $479, right? I think the power of subsidies are overrated when applied to higher end phones. They don’t make the device free and is locking oneself into a contract with a NPV approaching $2,000, just to save $200 on the cost of the device, that great a value?

  7. Interesting Concept. However, it needs a radical rethink in terms of the ways that websites and services are created and designed.
    Here’s an example. I can’t get docs and reader to run on my imate. Think about it. A guy with a PC or a laptop will not really think of moving to the “cloud” but a person with an always connected mobile would be the best client for these applications. And he can’t access them 🙁
    Life’s a bitch.
    Let’s hope software developers and website designers wake up to this huge market soon.
    One thing I like is the wordpress mobile option :
    m.wordpress.com it rocks. And I sometimes use it on my pc too when I don’t want a cluttered screen 🙂

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  9. Iam really waiting for this computers, if you need more information about cloud computers visit loadingvault.com

  10. Truly, the technology of computer has vastly evolved in such a fast pace. It is thrilling to know that a lot of developments are going on. However, many of us are still left behind with the technology due to budget restraints. I only hope that that the next product from huge computer companies would be able to compete with the most updated gadgets without having to cost too much.

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