4 thoughts on “CNN interviews Zuckerberg, asks nothing… really”

  1. Snore. These interviews are such a waste of viewer’s time. And the focus of internet availability is nice – but humans have more basic needs – like food and medicine. Maybe when there isn’t 1.4B humans living below $1.25 / day for their entire life (food, medicine, shelter, clothing, and zero education) there will be a need for a more connected society. Internet.org is a bullshit front to expand facebook connectivity because it can’t expand without more new entrants to the online world. Whatever. Why don’t they just have the NSA sponsor the effort and implant tracking chips into the bloodstream of all the users they help with “free” connectivity.

  2. Om – love to see some commentary on the AJAM debut [or did I miss it?]. To me, it feels like watching the original CNN.

    John Siegenthaler, Tony Harris, Joie Chen, Ali Velshi, lots of folks I always enjoyed BITD. Lots of new folks I’m unfamiliar with – but, the format, longer form stories, greater depth of questioning and answers.

    Just wish it was HD.

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