4 thoughts on “Coffee house, Internet of its day?”

  1. The article’s not totally without merit, but it might be worth pointing out that Cafes can actually use their Wifi to create a *more* social environment. A splash page with links to a message/notice board, web chat, an FTP server/Open Share for files etc can make an enormous difference to the feeling of community. Even better, it encourages you to come back to the same Cafe.
    I’ve met a whole bunch of interesting random people hanging out in Wifi equipped cafes just through Ichat with Rendevous/Bonjour switched on… If the pretty girl over the other side of the room’s got her Ibook on her lap, it’s an even easier ice-breaker than fronting up to her table. Just a thought

  2. good point LG, but we still are waitng for that cool application. and the number of mac users is still so little compared to people i see lugging around their IBM or Dell machines… well hopefully someone will come up with a real social networking software 😉

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