2 thoughts on “Coke signs up Vivek Oberoi”

  1. Hi Vivek,

    I am rinky, we met at the airport in dubai, I hope you remember me ?
    I was very upset you just dissapered, What happen, I did not even get to say bye to you, Nor i could get a picture with you. I wish i could meet you again.
    My cell no is 9819711639, If you remember me then please conatct me on cell or mail.
    I would waiting.
    Take care

  2. hi vivek im a very big fan of you and i love very much and i like your movies .
    you are the best actor for me and i kno that every body loves you and wants you.
    you are avery special person for me and importent also.
    i love you from the core of heart.
    please contact me on my e-mail
    i want you .
    i really love you and my heart beats only for you vivek.
    god bless you and i know that you work hard for your self.
    i trust you and i beleive that you deserve to be the best actor of india.
    you are the rock star .
    you are the best for me.
    i like every thing in you and i love every thing in you also.
    wish you all the best vivek
    i will pray for you.
    take care because you are importent more that every thing in my life and i love you more than every thing in my life.

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