7 thoughts on “Comcast Emails Subscribers About Bandwidth Caps”

  1. Who cares? It’s a private business and they can charge what they want, and limit access whenever they want. If you don’t like it, switch providers. No other providers? SOL. Live without HD downloads, and watch streaming feeds from all the major networks.

  2. An opportunity to press for alternative providers on the infrastructure. And before Comcast flacks start whining, let us remind them that most of their infrastructure was built-out with subsidies from federal, state and local government. Years ago. They’ve taken the tax breaks a long time ago, too.

    DSL available to me has sucking speeds – courtesy of the in-built limits going back to Mountain Bell; but, there are several broadband providers ready to compete for my business over the existing copper.

    There are NO competitors available for the existing fibre-optic lines – and places where there are, it’s only via prohibitive agreements at Comcast’ behest.

    Let Comcast put their cap on top! But, let other firms offer me service over the same glass.

  3. I agree with Om’s other posts that the problems are (1) Comcast does not give you a way to monitor your usage (2) there is little or no recourse if you violate the limit. All Comcast needs to do is provide a use meter on their website and specify the overage charges. Meantime, for now, 250GB per month seems very reasonable. I installed Tomato firmware for both home and my office, and despite ‘heavy’ internet use (streaming HD, multiple system patches, Skype, Netmeeting, etc. etc.) we are nowhere near half of the 250GB per month limit. However, it *is* annoying that I had to configure a router to measure the bandwidth usage because Comcast does not.

  4. I’m currious what email address they are sending them to. I know a few people who have Comcast as their ISP but do not use the comcast.net email address.

  5. Comcast just talked me into purchasing the super high speed over my cable for $10/month more than i currently pay. Supposedly it’s 2X faster than the regular high speed they offer. I’ll try it out and see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be. But then I’ll be approaching the limit faster! They wont mind since I’m paying the extra I would imagine.

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