6 thoughts on “Comcast's global ambitions”

  1. Oh, how I wish, how I wish, these captains of industry might spend of my hard-earned money on reaming the pipes between me and the rest of the Internet World.

    It really ain’t a lot. It would just take a little commitment to offering service, say, comparable to the average backwater ISP in Sweden.

  2. As long as this American cable company invests in the network and gives us the service cable TV is capable of they can have it. The current lot in charge are a bunch of muppets who have managed to p*ss everyone off in the few months they have been in charge

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  4. Eideard,

    I could not agree more – so many channels and nothing to watch. You end up defaulting to about ten or eleven channels. USA, HBO and Showtime along with ESPN and BBC. That’s it for me. COmcast can charge $25 for those channels and I couldn’t care less about everything else they do

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