2 thoughts on “Comcast’s VoIP Dream”

  1. Hey OM, put me down for COMCAST to use Level3!!!!

    I know you might not beleive me since if somebody says “”VOIP” , I automatically ASSOCIATTE my baby Level3 with voip but soon, MOST all will do the same as me-Its Level3!


  2. Most folks talk about Voice Over Internet and mean that between the user and the switch is the public internet. Cable MSOs run PacketCable softswitches (see http://www.cablelabs.com) which means that between the user and the switch is a private IP network. This setup would mean that quality of service can be assured between the endpoint and the switch. If a company with this setup uses Sprint, AT&T, MCI, Level3, etc., they are probably doing it for PSTN access or long distance.

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