15 thoughts on “Coming Soon, Yet Another Re-Org at Yahoo”

  1. GMs all focused on designing great individual experiences are what give you a chance at winning mindshare and loyalty because they focus on the needs consumers have in each category. When you take away that focus, organizationally, you take away the ability to compete. What does it mean to run a “business” if you don’t have control over the engineering and the product experience. I don’t see how the org structure is set up to serve users or P&L discipline.

  2. yahoos don’t even bother finishing the reorg emails anymore, no one cares who will be spending the next eight weeks as their boss’s boss’s boss’s boss’s boss’s boss. and why should they?

    bartz’s tough talk is being followed up with a hectic flurry of inaction.

  3. I personally experienced this “experiment” at AOL a few years back; having separate organizational P&L and goals never works; if it happens, nothing meaningful will ever ship. There will be plenty of meetings though. ‘nough said

  4. A cynic could quickly point out that this structure seems like an attempt for a mature company with employees in the five figures trying to pretend it is 1995 again.

  5. Microsoft was blessed again. They were lucky and Yang & associates are kicking themselves. MSFT will probably wait until Yahoo becomes junk since yahoo was heading downwards even before they lost the search biz to Google.

  6. Yahoo has great technology, a broad range of Internet related offerings, good aggregation of content from all over the web, API and tools to give anyone access to this data, but their problem is that no one “knows” about it. Not only that, a visit to their sites(there are soo many) will show how cluttered their content is. They need to return to simple times.

    Offer the same products, keep it clean and dedicate pages to whatever functionality that page is supposed to be selling.

    Right now whenever you hit a yahoo page, you are told about everything they do. Not good, very confusing.

    Google is doing it right. Amazon is slipping the way of yahoo.

    Everyone likes clean.

  7. Yahoo should layoff everyone in customer support. I know, shocking to hear they actually have support. Well they do, and they are NOT at all helpful (the service rep even admitted it).

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