4 thoughts on “Computers Just Keep Sucking More Power”

  1. I blogged about this nearly two years ago. How much energy is wasted in cooling data centers and corporate server rooms? First, computers in the last 20 years do not need to be cooled to 60 F. Second, in much of the country, you could vent machine rooms to the outdoors rather than using energy to power air conditioning systems. Third, consolidate underused servers via virtualization. (Saves hardware cost, too).

    I’m sure there are more opportunities for energy savings that justify advanced technology like Veridiem. But there are some easy fixes available today – why not start now?

  2. There has been a good argument for centralized DC power standards that would eliminate up to 30% of the losses caused by per power supply method we use now. The heat and hysteresis losses per PC really add up. PC’s can still be built with power supplies for AC, but also have bypass connectors for IT and datacenter environments. Google does this on some of their large clusters.

  3. With all the buzz about Facebook and Twitter, the blogosphere doesn’t really cover the less-sexy ways in which technology can generate [a lot more] value. If anyone has a good grasp on these quieter sectors, it’s the VCs. Would love to see more posts of this nature.

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