3 thoughts on “Connexion, Disconnection?”

  1. I don’t think AirCell should be an “also” ran — they won the 3 MHz license, while JetBlue only got 1 MHz. AirCell is now part-owned by Ripplewood ($12b private equity firm) that put in the money to let AC Bidco LLC, a sister company, purchase the license for AirCell.

    Verizon has exited the business. AirCell has a 10-year license. Airlines are salivating on adding a service that requires a few dozen pounds, a small antenna, and NO PER-SEAT WIRING!

  2. The take up rates required for any avionics connectivity project compared to the cost and reliability of your neighborhood coffee shop create a cost / service dilemma that inevitably disenfranchises users.

    In simple consumer terms you get far better service for free, at a coffee shop with your $5 mocha , than you do in a plane for $30 an hour, after spending $2000 on you airfare.

  3. Lack of power outlets may have been a contributing factor.

    $30 for internet access for the flight might be a reasonable price for 5+ hours of use, but 5+ hours of use is impossible without power.

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