3 thoughts on “Content, the risk in war of the wires?”

  1. Saw the same article, and thought that the Economist is misleading its readers in suggesting there’s any actual service in ‘VoIP service’. If Skype can give it away, at an acceptable call quality, the cost is likely to be rolled up into a broadband sub, just like DNS and e-mail. It’s tablestakes, and not a differentiator or revenue source.

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  3. It wasn’t that long ago that Comcast was saying the reason its PPV OnDemand offerings were so lame was because WalMart had muscled in on the studios and insisted that they get a grace period to sell DVDs before the content is available elsewhere. Has something changed? I would be very surprised if you see an IPTV service, outside of a special trial here and there, launch with anything you don’t get on Comcast or Time Warner. I expect them to come in with a some compelling price point, like the satellite guys, however.

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