6 thoughts on “Cooliris Keeps On Growing, Adds Desktop Support”

  1. Cooliris fills a huge void is consuming images (and videos) online. Experience Matters; and the “thumbnail grid to slideshow” experience offered by most sites universally, just doesn’t qualify as entertainment.

    It was about time that someone challenged the standard interaction paradigm and designed something remarkable, and seeing from the usage and growth, they are clearly on their way to nailing it.

    Kudos to the founders for sticking to the vision, the team for executing it so well and most importantly to their investors in believing the story.

    With the revenue pilots they’ve begun and will continue to play around with, this company has all the right ingredients of winner.

  2. I think it’s a great visualisation. It’s my favourite way to catch up on my flickr contacts’ photos.

    Now, if they hooked up something that used the iSight cam to control navigation, a lá FluidTunes, I’d be happy.

  3. Dear Om

    Clearly this is amongst the best visual browsing experiences you can get, although they could make it much better by offering some customizations. The current three tier 3D wall sounds a bit like the Ford Model T. But I can still live with it. I do have a couple of questions though.

    1. What is the business model of cooliris? Do they expect any revenues [post recession ad spends 🙂 ] or do they plan “buy” versions or “(non PC) device versions” …

    2. Do we know if cooliris would run on devices other than iPhones (incl. netbooks, IP STBs, ..)? In other words, what hardware does this require?


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