4 thoughts on “Could This Be the End of the Telecom Bust?”

  1. From the article it quotes a $1000/mo. price for 100Mbs line from Cogent. I checked how much a 100Mbs (DL/UL) line costs from Korea Telecom (Megapass Ntopia). A 3-year contract costs 30,600 won (no contract @ 36,000 won). Priced in US dollars it is just $29.81!!! (3-year)

    IOW, prices need to fall by 97% in the US to equal what you can get in Korea today. So I hope prices don’t stabilize, but with the cable/teleco duolopy I don’t expect a 100Mbs connection for that cheap a price until at least 2020.

  2. those are two different kind of offerings – corporate and residential – koreans are getting 100 megs – maybe if taken into account peak possible speed etc. just slightly different than what we have here.

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