15 thoughts on “Counting down to SimCity”

  1. I used to love SimCity. And then tried to run the Mac version. It runs on the top of some crappy MSWindows simulation. Total disaster. Tried EA support and wowed to never come back.

  2. Played 2 betas of the new sim city using parallels on a 2011 MBP – runs like a dream! When the native game comes out it will just get better πŸ™‚

    1. I’m wanting support for retina display as well. Any word on resolution size for Mac? Going to be disappointed if I can’t see very good on my HD screen!

  3. Had to upgrade my PC for this one! The closed beta sucked big time on my old GTS 8800. I was happy with the result in my new GTX 680 :). Still getting around the new game mechanics since yesterday.

  4. This game is on my list for 2013 for sure. Wonder is Steam will end up carrying it. Would be very cool to see it offered that way, especially since they just added Linux support for a number of games.

    1. No it won’t allow you to play the PC game on a mac as the coding for the games are different πŸ™

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