4 thoughts on “Curtains for MOG: Townsquare buys MOG's blog & ad business”

  1. I’ve been a long time mog subscriber. I have numerous playlists in my subscription that are very special to me. It is hard work to extract them and take “my music” to another service. Do you think I should do what it takes and be prepared for getting a 404 Not Found error from mog.com one morning?

    1. Hey there – Zoë from MOG here. Though we’ve been acquired by Beats, MOG will continue to operate as an independent company with no immediate changes to our music service (meaning no impact on you as a subscriber).

      There’s quite a lot of exciting stuff in our future, so stay tuned. We’ll keep you filled in as things evolve. Feel free to write to me anytime if you have questions or feedback – zoe@mog.com.

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