6 thoughts on “D3 Suppressing the Blogosphere Flap”

  1. Can’t see there really being that much outrage really. Any savvy blogger will find other ways of uploading without using a wifi connection.;)

  2. oh but that was sutble irony, too subtle. normally if there is no wifi access at a conference you see tons of reports on blogs come out complianing and whining

  3. What about blogging from Blackberries? Using EV-DO or GPRS?

    I can understand the idea of wanting full attention, but some of the upcoming journalists multitask really well. The key is accuracy in reporting and when you’re typing what’s being said that’s one thing. But surfing, reading email, and IM’ing is clearly distracting.

    But alot of people go to those conferences to be seen and heard, but listening, I don’t think that’s high on their priority list. Either they feel they have heard it all before (and likely have) or they just want to get the goodie bag šŸ™‚

    Walt has a point but the real issue is he is a reporter and he wants to be actively listened too, not passively heard. In that case the organizers need to really think about who is in the audience and why they are there..To listen and report or to just to be seen.

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