11 thoughts on “Daily Journal, August 12, 2005”

  1. Personally i really like being able to read the full posts in bloglines…. it’d suck if i had to click through for every post… i’d probably read less of the blog.

  2. I’d unsubscribe if the feed only had excerpts. Figuring out from the excerpt if I want to read the article and then waiting for it to load would take me over the effort/value threshold.

  3. kevin, good suggestion, except there are too many of these people. not sure how to handle this.

    i would rather not do excerpts but things are getting massively out of control. suggestions to fight back people,

  4. Hi,
    I am not really clear as to what the issue is. I mean, I read what Om read, but I am not able to comprehend what he means. Can someone make it clearer please? I am sorry if that’s a dumb question but I would appreciate the help…

  5. the historical blogging ppt is a creative concept which really was under-delivered; i guess the sixapart people really aren’t that funny.

  6. People stealing content sucks, but at the same time I don’t subscribe to excerpt only feeds. Too much work involved in reading articles when I’ve got so many other feeds to read as well.

  7. Hey Om,

    I’ll chime in that I agree with others about leaving the full text feeds going. It doesn’t seem fair to punish everyone because of a few jerks.

    As for the sites repurposing your content… we’re dealing with that too, and our general sense is to just let it go. In some of th emore egregious cases, we’ve sent friendly emails asking for much clearer attribution or asking them to stop (this often works, btw). It is a little annoying to see it happen, but you have to assume that those sites really aren’t getting that much traffic (who’s linking to them?) and eventually they’ll fade away. If they get a few clicks, it’s not a huge loss.

    We’ve been watching the sites that do this with our content starting since about a year ago, and we’ve noticed that they all burn out after a few months — and that search engines like Google have gotten much better at ignoring them over time.

    The problem with going after them is the whole thing gets pretty gray pretty quickly… What’s the difference, really, between someone reading the content on our site in bloglines or at some blog that simply reposts it?

    In the end, just recognize that any regular readers will quickly realize where the content is REALLY from, and the losers who are reusing your content without permission are likely to fade away, since no one has any real reason to visit them over you.

    Alternatively, you can complain to Google to see if Google will yank their AdSense accounts… but I’ve heard Google isn’t very responsive on those requests… and they’ll probably just switch to one of the many alternatives anyway.

  8. If I were you, I’d go ahead and excerpt.

    You have a large base of readers and while I can’t speak for all of them, I think your blog entries are good enough for each of them to have its own tab in my browser.

    My $.02…


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