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  2. Just figured I’d chime in that the Dave Matthews Band put up instructions for getting around the Windows Media DRM protection on their own discs.


    Perhaps they should have addressed these potential problems before releasing a crippled disk. I wonder if they’re facilitating breaking the DMCA by putting these instructions up.

    The last paragraph, of couse, burns me up “Please note an easier and more acceptable solution requires cooperation from Apple…”. Or perhaps it would require not selling discs that simply don’t work.

  3. This also happened to me! Is there anyway to fix it? Everytime I try to listen to any sort of music on my PC, it crashes!! HELP!!!

  4. So I stick the CD in and let Windows Media Player 10 rip the songs to my laptop. By default it copies them in MP3 format so that they are compatible with more devices. Try to play them and they jump and stuttur, as if the CD is scratched.
    Place the CD in again to follow the instructions on the CD if there are problems. Keeps ejecting the CD. Switch off the automatic rip option in Windows Media Player. Select COPY option from the CD. Now I have 2 copies of each song. An MP3 version that doesn’t play and a WMA version that does play, but I don’t want.
    I’m never buying another CD with these restrictions. That’s if I know before hand.

  5. Your ticket 017198 has been Answered

    Thank you for contacting us Jeff. We appreciate your purchase of thie Dave Matthews Band CD and apologize for any


    The software on this disc is only directly compatible with specific secure formats and portable devices as detailed on the back of the CD packaging as well in the interface on the disc.

    That said, there is still a way to get content onto portable devices that are not directly compatible with the disc at this time. Please follow the instructions below in order to do so:

    If you have a Mac computer you can copy the songs using your standard media player as you would normally do.

    If you have a PC place the CD into your computer and allow the CD to automatically start. If the CD does not automatically start, open your Windows Explorer, locate the drive letter for your CD drive and double-click on the LaunchCD.exe file located on your CD.

    Once the application has been launched and the End User License Agreement has been accepted, you click the Copy Songs button /icon.

    Follow the instructions to copy the secure Windows Media Files (WMA) to your PC. Make a note of where you are copying the songs to, you will need to get to these secure Windows Media Files in the next steps.

    Once the WMA files are on your PC you can open and listen to the songs with Windows Media Player 9.0 or higher or any compatible player that can play secure Windows Media files, such as MusicMatch, RealPlayer, and Winamp.

    Using any of the compatible players noted above, you can then burn the songs to a CD. Please note that in order to burn the files, you need to upgrade to or already have Windows Media Player 9, MusicMatch 8, or Media Center 10.

    Once the CD has been burned, place the copied CD back into your computer and open the media player you normally use for ripping and transferring files to your portable device. You can now rip the songs as you would a normal CD.

    Please note an easier and more acceptable solution requires cooperation from the various digital rights management and portable device companies. SONY BMG has already reached out to many of the companies in hopes of addressing this issue. To help speed this effort, we ask that you contact your device manufacturer and ask them to provide a solution that would easily allow you to move content from protected CDs onto your device rather than having to go through the additional steps above.

    Please let us know if we can assist you further.

    Thank you,


    SunnComm Tech Support

    CLIENT: spikebebop7@yahoo.com
    I want to put my music on to my psp. but i think that the psp can only support mp3s instead of wma

    It works!!!
    mp3 baby!

  6. From: Recording Industry
    To: Our suckers – I mean consumers

    DRM stands for Digitally Restricted Material. Did we say Digital Rights Management? Sorry for the error. Darn translation software.

  7. So I bought this cd during the ‘preorder’ period to get the bonus material not knowing about all of the DRM crap . . . and here is what I had to do to utilize my legitimately purchased music (NEVER AGAIN SONY! I’ll buy a sticker, a concert ticket or a t-shirt from one of the artists signed on your label before i’ll buy another CD): I inserted the disc WHILE HOLDING DOWN THE LEFT SHIFT KEY TO DISABLE THE AUTOPLAY EULA CRAP. I used windows explorer and dug through all of the folders on the CD until I found all of the tracks in a folder in .wma format . . . and I created a ‘audio CD’ in NERO from the .wma files (make sure they are in order from 1-14). I then took my new, ‘normal’ disc with no software, just music and ripped IT to .mp3. VOILA

  8. Another way to get it is to hook your computer to the CD player and record it that way. Some extra software may be needed, but I already had it since I have been recording some old vinyls. It worked just fine and I now have a great copy of the CD without having to worry about how much bad software is on the disc.

  9. Remember, it’s usually not the artist who is doing this. Unless they are releasing the title under thier own label (see Prince) then they usually have no say whatsoever as to what “extras” get put on the cd. 30 seconds to mars new CD is exactly the same way and in one of the “diary” listings by one of the bandmates, he expresses remorse over what the label has done without thier permission to do it or not. he then explains how to rip the cd much the same way as described above. for some reason though, I was able to rip the cd the second time I tried with absolutely no problem. no such luck with the DMB one.

  10. got 30 seconds to mars without knowing about the embedded software i was able to rip wav and mp3 files by loading with the left shift key down to disable autoplay then used the software freerip which only recognizes audio tracks .

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