11 thoughts on “Dazed Confused and Technorati”

  1. Om, you’re head is fine. Technorati is going down the toilet. They at least did one thing marginally well and now they do everything poorly. This is going to be a disaster. At least Yahoo might have bought them earlier. Google BlogSearch is going to dominate them.

  2. Thanks Jay – now i will stop searching for that elusive box of advil and get back to work. Yeah – i think this is the fate of many start-ups that are features-posing-as-companies.

  3. I was a bit confused when I jumped on their today as well. It looks as if they are jumping on the “universal search” wagon.

    BTW – did you notice the digg-clone voting feature they added to the blog search?


  4. Thanks goodness I was not the only one feeling “dazed and confused” and thought my “neurons are misfiring.”

    What is with Technorati’s new look?


  5. After playing around with, I have to admit that I quite like the new feel… with the exception of the homepage ticker 😛

  6. I can understand the shift in focus, but the execution is terrible. It seems like they should have eased into it more slowly to give their existing users a chance to adjust, and to give themselves time to polish the new features.

  7. well we have mashup for combining blog video.. etc. searches technorati was leading their way in Blog search they were quite gud with all those cool features why d hell they are tryin to destroy themselves

  8. This marks the beginning of the end for Technorati. The last dinosaur of the dot com bubble.

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