5 thoughts on “Denmark, The New (OECD) Broadband Leader”

  1. Canada is ranked #9 in broadband penetration, but it is not that far off from the leaders; an amazing feat considering the size of that country.

    That certainly is impressive. I’d be interested to see how the statistics break down between Toronto/Vancouver/Montreal/Calgary/Edmonton and everywhere else. Canada’s population is fairly concentrated in urban areas.

    I’m a little surprised at how low Ireland is.

  2. The graphics of broadband vs. population density and broadband vs. GDP would be interesting to look out, but I can’t get larger versions of the graphs.

  3. It’s funny – I’m actually been in Copenhagen for a day now and the WiFi connections are amazing – at least 7 listed, though a number are WEP-protected.

    Cross the strait into Malmö Sweden though (30 minutes by train) – WiFi SUCKS, impossible to log into Telia, etc.

    Go figure…

  4. Ah, looks like the graph links are fixed. Nice.

    From all I hear from people talking about some of the Triple Play offerings in France, it’s a little surprising to see them behind the US. Guess some of those packages are only in certain areas, just like Verizon’s FIOS.

    Seems like Nordic countries and in general those farther north do better. Perhaps people like going outside more and enjoying the weather in the warmer countries? 😉

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