11 thoughts on “4 Things Founders Can Learn From Derek Jeter”

  1. As someone who’s recently relocated to NYC from LA, I’ve been blown away by the amount of Jeter/A-Rod coverage; not that I ever doubted the voracity of NY media when compared to LA — I just didn’t have any frame of reference to begin to comprehend how much ink these guys actually got here.

    That being said, when somebody gets $25+ mil a year, the expectations should be through the roof.

    But also worth noting — how little I hear about Jason Giambi, who gets paid almost as much as A-Rod, and doesn’t deliver anything close to what the frosted tip wunderkind does.}

  2. ‘I’m sure I don’t need to explain to my readers that this is like a company founder, or a VC, hitting the proverbial IPO home run on every third company’
    Hellooo! Sure, if you want to assume that only americans read your blog, you don’t have to explain. But to me the paragraph above this made no sense at all. Oh, and I don’t know when Independence day is – I’m not even sure how much a dime represents. We’re not all americans out here.}

  3. Good point Ivan. I guess with the hiding Indian cricket time got at the hands of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, I am a little jaded and feeling a new loyalty to baseball.

    Nevertheless, your point is very well taken. I would try and be more sensitive next time. Sorry about that mate…}

  4. Love the post, Om. I would add a couple of things:

    1. I agree 100% w/Peter King of SI: Derek Jeter and Tom Brady: same guy. They may seem glamorous but part of their appeal is that teammates love them because…

    2. They’re the hardest working guys on the team. And all they care about is winning. I’m a lifelong Red Sox fan but Jeter is my favorite player in baseball. What I love is that he is ALWAYS on the front row when the Yankees need to rally. It’s been that way since 1996.}

  5. I also like Derek’s 1% solution where he tries to take a micro area of his game and improve it.

    Love this post even though I dislike the Yankees. I wanted to see Jeter as a cubbie but that’s just being from Chicago and *hopeful*}

  6. i can only handle some much Yankee love. I wish this was more insightful and less about how awesome Derek Jeter is. He is a great player and he “comes to play ever day” but so do lots of other superstars}

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