9 thoughts on “Destination Tel-Aviv: Some Work, Some Fun”

  1. Om – my tip would be to check out the felafel/schwarma bars down the Carmel Market (you can’t miss it – ask anyone). It’s a great deal and a great experience.

    Not to be missed is a trip over to Jafo for some stuff from Abu Alafiyah’s bakery – it’s an institution that’s been going for generations now

    A visit to Rabin square is also obligatory…..

    Have fun and enjoy the beaches!

  2. Happy Journey Om! We look forward for the updates from you after u reach Tel Aviv.

    And yeah! Eat some fruits and good food. Keep low on the carbs and get some rest.

    Cheers, Nag

  3. Enjoy Tel Aviv and TWS.

    For your future flights, consider Continental. I regularly fly them to TLV – only one stop from SFO, great service and reliability.

  4. Looks like a case of getting the cheapest air fare is not the best way to get from A to B. When will people learn that!

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