14 thoughts on “Parts of Amazon Web Services suffer an outage”

  1. We got impacted too, outage impacted us in us east 1b, funny thing is that our paging service pagerduty also went down temporarily

    Outage lasted 15mins for us and now we are able to bring up boxes

    1. There’s no comparison to the EBS outage. This was an annoying glitch; something went blooey in a single AZ in US-EAST, but it was very, very minor compared what happended with EBS. That was a systemic infrastructure failure, but even then, applications that were properly designed for the AWS environment did not go down. The lesson is still to architect for failure; sites that haven’t grokked AWS’s strentghs and weaknesses at this point don’t do this don’t have much to gripe about. Not to mention, this is a vocal, engaged, but tiny part of the internet we’re talking about. It’s not like anything really bad happened.

  2. Amazon provided more detail about the outage early Saturday morning. Turns out startups that were deployed across multiple availability zones were not affected. Anyone have any idea what this kind of redundancy costs?

  3. Amazon has really started to annoy me these days. Apart from their immoral attempt to take over all things relating to buying and selling on the internet they now cause havoc by taking half the internet down with them. They have also recently entered the B2B market and begun to compete with sites such as Thomasnet and Daily Sales Exchange but as this news peice shows ( http://news.yahoo.com/amazon-getting-too-big-britches-160025093.html ) not all is well in the Amazon camp. Well i’m happy about that then 🙂

  4. Thank you RUben for your sugestion, I have tested Lunacloud and it’s great (until now). I have made some tests and the performance is amazing 🙂

    Thank you once again!!

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