17 thoughts on “Different IMs For Different Folks”

  1. “Another surprising fact about the numbers is how marginal AIM is outside of the States.”

    Actually, it’s not that surprising at all seeing as AIM’s popularity in the US can be tied to AOL which was, for the most part, a US only thing. If AOL hadn’t been so popular, I doubt AIM would be as popular as it is now.

    Trust me, I’d love to leave AIM in the dust and just use GTalk, but there are a fair share of my friends who still are AIM only… and actually, a few who are Yahoo only, too.


  2. I agree with Adam, I don’t find it at all surprising. In Latin America and Europe personal experience has shown me that MSN is by far the chat leader – most people outside of the US have never even heard of AIM.

    How many people really use Skype to chat? I would imagine that the number is growing, but I think people are still using Skype mainly to call as it’s not so widespread yet that people have their entire contact lists there as they do in other networks. Personally, I use MSN for Chilean and other non-US friends and am more and more leaving AIM in favor of GTalk with US friends.

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