8 thoughts on “Digeo adds VoIP to set-top box”

  1. jake – let me check on this. from what i saw initially, i don’t think you need an ATA for this. you simply plug in the phone into an out jack, and you are good to go. but let me reconfirm.

  2. Om, Can you also find out the extent of use of the TV screen and I presume the remote to control the calls. Apart from the notification, if the call control is done only through the connected phone, then the only thing Moxi has done is integrated ATA functionality into their STB. If it is otherwise, as I infer from your writeup (I couldn’t locate additional info from their website) it is an interesting development.

  3. i saw the demo of this. you can listen to your phone calls right on the TV – the way they can do it is, I am guessing is that the v-mail boxes are saved on a server. which is actually quite smart, since many times services go down and all. the call control in the demo i saw was both from the phone and the remote.

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