19 thoughts on “Digg to support OpenID”

  1. So this is a different way to login to sites like Digg (whenever they commence support), TypePad blogs (SixApart), your Technorati account, etc., by using a URL that you are personally affiliated with/own. Right? A lot of blogs currently require or ask for this when you register to post Comments, so that when people click on your name they are redirected to your own URL. Is that what we’re talking about here? I find it pretty handy, personally.

  2. Om,

    You missed it — when you were in India, Gates himself alongside Mundie went on stage at the RSA security conference and announced that Microsoft will be endorsing OpenID 2.0 in Vista. So the big boost really came from Microsoft IMHO. Apple can now not ignore doing something cool (such as way cool user interface) with OpenID! Let’s just see what Leopard will do with OpenID!

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