3 thoughts on “Divergent fortunes for optical hardware makers”

  1. If the original price was $28 and the final price is $4, isn’t that an actual split rather than a reverse split? I thought reverse splits were to bring the stock price up…

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  3. I think the regulatory uncertainty occasioned by the Bellcos attack on network neutrality, among other issues, has thrown a healthy fear of the future into equipment manaufacturers and distributors in the US. If I buy this stuff, will I be able to use it? What is my ROI, if Verizon gains the right to setup up the backhaul network like one of those princely gatehouse castles on Rhine, and extracting profit upstream to them?

    Om Malik has done a good job trying to tout this issue, but it is not making enough of an impact. Here’s an idea: Om sends a copy of his book to every congresscritter and senator as a ‘gift.’


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