10 thoughts on “DocVerse Launches Collaboration Tool for Microsoft Office”

  1. My company is starting to unit test Sharepoint projects. Would you recommend using a mock framework ? If yes which one would be best to use ?

  2. The add-in has it’s purpose in providing collaboration to Microsoft Office desktop products (if it works as advertised). However, you still need the Office Suite to use it – and that defeats the purpose imo. Isn’t Google Docs a collaborative tool, already?

    Technology that searches and extracts content – then distributes it to places such as Google Docs, without the need for native applications is, imo more useful. Then again, I’m biased… as my company has created such a product, PageZephyr (http://www.pagezephyr.com).

  3. The web based collaboration is getting its way. It’s a good idea for plugging into the original app itself. Google Doc is a half way work since it is only a subset of MS Office. People more like and get used to the things they already are familiar with. Google Doc is not a MS Office, And Google can not re-invent every popular app other companies provide, such as MS Office, Photoshop, Auto Desk. So creating a less equivalent version of web based might not be a good practice even for a gaint company like Google.

    Plugging to the original app is better solution, I think. Following the scenario, our company creates an IE browser collaboration app so users can collaboratively watch youtube or hulu movies with each other. The link: www.toponode.com. It's the first youtube collaboration tool ever have.

    Mike J.

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