DodgeBall founder quits Google

31 thoughts on “DodgeBall founder quits Google”

  1. “Google’s money good, working for Google, not so good!”

    I think it’s this:

    Working for Google, good for most.

    Startup entrepreneurs working for Google (or whoever becomes their overlords), not so good.

    I mean, look how many happy employees there are at Google?

  2. 😀 Must not have had my GigaTranslator glasses on correctly. Everything seems to be reading properly now.

    Also: it’s interesting that they used Flickr as their tool of departure notification to the rest of the world, rather than some other means (blogs, twitter, press release, video, etc.).

  3. Is this any different for any entrepreneur bought by a larger company. YouTube is imploding, Flickr is stagnating, delicious is losing ground to magnolia etc.

    Once you’ve taken the money and gone inside the corporate towers, it is often the lack of nimbleness that frustrates the entrepreneurs.

    The best option is bank the money, serve out your notice period and go do it again.

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  6. I can’t help but wonder what this says about G’s acquistion strategies- it seems to me like Google is not interested in buying any sort of idea/work structure, but just raw market share and then incorporating it into their own models.

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