One thought on “DOJ, AT&T to go to court over T-Mobile buy”

  1. This is not the first time that the cell phone company’s tried to come together to monopolize the market. Air touch, At&t, voice stream, and sprint better known today as verizon, at&t, t-mobile, and sprint tried to come together and raise cell phone prices before. The FCC broke them apart and voice stream closed down, air touch changed their name to verizon, at&t changed their name to cingular to maintain their company’s, sprint was able to stay sprint. This is nothing but a reinactment of historys passed events trying to gain a place in the future were it dose not belong. This merger needed to be closed down as soon as it hit the table. The only people that will gain in this is owners of these company’s and those who have invested in these company’s. The rest of us most defiantly will take a grate lose in every way if this merger takes place. Let’s take a second to see what is really happening around us where the greedy is constantly becoming greedier and the rich is taking from the have nots that are barely makng it in these days and times.

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