44 thoughts on “Did Droid Just KO the BlackBerry Storm2?”

  1. Hard to see Droid taking a folks away from Apple no matter how bad ATT network is right now. Remember ATT had a net 2mill sub add last Q compared with 1.2 mill for Verizon. At best I think it becomes a steady state btw ATT and Verizon w.r.t the folks who might have compared iPhone vs Verizon’s offering. The big question as I have said before – is then where does Droid gets its customers ? Essentially it is battling for the existing Verizon customers who previously had to choose btw a bunch of blackberries and some other poor smartphones. The ones who will jump first would be the “consumer” folks who RIM had targetted. For them the Droid will be so much better. The enterprise folks will be slower of course but who knows…

    1. 365 days ago ( when Android launched ) it would have been laughable to say:

      “Android will cause Garmin to lose $1 billion in market cap and send TomTom out of business.”

      From today’s Wall Street Journal: Shares of GPS Makers Plunge on Droid Launch


      “…Hard to see Droid taking a folks away from Apple no matter how bad ATT network is right now. Remember ATT had a net 2mill sub add last Q…”

      …”never say never!”


    2. I don’t think your assumption that this will attract/retain only existing Verizon customers is correct. I have read reviews on several tech sites (including a couple Apple-focused ones) and would say several dozen commenters stated they would be leaving their current provider for this device. I’m sure that’s an incredibly small sampling of the numbers that will follow. The decisions appeared to be largely based on the 2.0 OS coupled with Verizon’s network. I found this very impressive considering the very short period of time that has passed since the announcement of the alliance between Google and Verizon and subsequently this phone.

    3. well budy im one of those iphone costumers that will be going back to verizon for the droid.im doing this for 2 reasons , 1 cause att network sucks, 2 i hate the fact that if something goes wrong with the phone i have to go to apple. dont get me wrong i love the iphone but it is on the wrong network. i am leaving att more because of att not because of the droid but i was just waiting for the right phone to come out and it has DROID BUDDY!!!!!!!!!

  2. Absolutely RIM should be very weary of Android.. Microsoft Exchange support is a huge deal and the Google phone is just a better product.. Android will be in the Enterprise soon.

    1. Android may, some day, make some inroads in the “big business” enterprise market but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. BlackBerry still has lots of advantages in this market. Some of the best physical keyboards, which for e-mailing enterprise users, is key. A business image – which, believe it or not, is also key. Blackberry Enterprise Server, and a large base of installed users – remember, big corporations don’t switch platforms lightly. It’s always some multi-year conversion process.

      Finally, BlackBerry has a variety of devices on a variety of carriers. This is key for big multinational corporations, as it allows users to choose a device that fits their individual needs AND choose a *carrier* that is best in their specific work location / where they travel. This is all easy because the IT department only has to support BlackBerries in general.

      Where Android COULD make inroads is in small business. BUT, it won’t in my view until it allows OUTLOOK SYNC *without* exchange. Running everything through Google’s cloud is fantastic for consumers, but business users overwhelmingly use Outlook and generally are NOT going to want their stuff in the cloud for security and other reasons. Every PDA going back to the original Palms has had support for Outlook sync. Why Google still hasn’t added it is beyond me. Google needs to, excuse the pun, get it’s head out of the cloud and support sync with desktop apps if it actually wants to compete for business users.

      1. All android phones do have “work email” to sync with Microsoft exchange servers for push email. While this option unfortunately does not sync contacts and outlook calendar, there is the paid version of “touchdown”, which does everything. Syncs your exchange contacts, calendars, tasks etc etc..(and it uses activesync and is compatible with exchange 2003 and 2007). Overall, with a google based phone, you are surrendering your location, but then it is not as if all of us are into clandestine activities. Plus, there is always the option of not sharing your location with google.

  3. I doubt the Droid will cause AT&T users to switch over to Verizon; however, I feel that the Droid will keep the Verizon customers on the Verizon network. I have had Verizon’s service for 6 years now, and I feel VZW’s coverage is unbeatable; however, I constantly thought to myself, “Maybe I should switch over to AT&T for the iPhone…”

    I don’t think Blackberries have much pull on the market, but they will keep the business-minded people that have fallen in love with them. Blackberries aren’t very appealing to the younger crowd; however, I feel the Droid will be. Though the Droid may not be comparable to the iPhone, one’s decision making will be leveled out by the superior Verizon coverage.

  4. I believe that RIM has more to lose than Apple right now. There are an awful lot of non-corporate Blackberry users, and I was one. Apple will lose if they do not incorporate the mobile features that users want, but right now the experience is pretty solid.

    JD Powers placed Blackberry quality at a distant second to Apple. This is a better indication of happiness with the tools, than simply features. Windows Mobile is in for some trouble though, and I’m not placing any bets on Palm.

    1. I totally agree with you. The IPhone is not an option for me and I was an ATT user and switched to Verizon to buy he two Storm2 for $129.

      The IPhone is not for me because:
      1. No second battery
      2. Overpriced
      3. No insurance
      4. It syncs with Itunes, which I do not want, and it does not sync .doc, .xls and .pdf files.
      5. ATT Network for Data is not good for me.

      Many ATT people reluctantly got the IPhone because there was nothing else. However, with the Droids better screen and I do believe it syncs with the MS files and the huge amount of programs that will be available for android phones, Apple and ATT should worry.

      I am thinking about exchanging the Storm2s we have to the Motorola android.

  5. Just how weary is RIM already of the Droid platform? If you take a closer look at the Google trend page I linked to, the city that has search for droid the most is Waterloo, Canada… which just happens to be where RIM’s headquarters are. Worried much? It appears so.

  6. Om wrote: “My argument is that Droid and other Android-based devices are much closer to the BlackBerry and, thus, are a bigger threat to the Canadian giant than they are to Apple.”

    Why would you think so? iPhone and Android phones are strictly consumer-oriented phones right now. Blackberry is more of an enterprise phone. I’d think iPhone and Android phones are going after the same demographic, than BB and Android.

    1. Why would you think so? Hmm, I work in IT for a large US telco and just about everyone I know to include technology execs who have had the most interest in the Droid are those that are older extremely tech/spec oriented and NOT Apple fanboys. Additionally, while you’re spot on regarding iPhone being a “consumer-oriented phone”. You’ve missed the mark in assessing Verizon’s target market…”Tech/spec oriented early adopters, middle aged (emphasis on Facebook/Twitter) that have a sizable preference for Exchange support. I DO NOT see Verizon marketing the Droid to a teen, non tech-savvy consumer audience.
      I’m betting a secret deal was reached between Apple and Verizon to carry the iPhone AFTER they begin to move RIM/Blackberry from the number one market position and paving the way for iPhone to cinch it.
      – a current Verizon Blackberry Curve user looking forward to the Droid

  7. I am actually about to switch from T-Mobile’s BB Curve to Verizon. My devices of choice are BB Storm 2 or Droid. Looks like I’ll be getting the Droid, mostly because of the physical keyboard and greater number of applications for Android (not the least, the new Google Navigation).

  8. I am deeply entrenched in Blackberry/ATT (family plan attached to business line).



    I’m giving the first consideration in years to dropping my Blackberry. I had/have no interest in an iPhone, it’s a nice grow up toy, but, I don’t need more toys.

    Why Droid? I think their Voice Recognition and integration with Apps is going to create some really interesting Apps that are both practical/utilitarian and enjoyable. I need the real keyboard. I want a better camera. I can migrate myself, and likely my family with new phones and end up with a lower monthly bill than I have with ATT.

    And, when I’m in the Bay Area, I can even use my mobile.

    1. I’m a 31 year old black male Business Analyst for one of the largest investment firms (we probably manage your 401K). Our company subscribes to the Verizon BB service. I’ve been a verizon member for 8 years now because gte, sprint, bell south mobility and at&t wireless either had poor coverage or worse customer service then the DMV.

      Verizon has had some home run hitter phones and some that were no better then a coaster. I now have the BB World Edition (8830) and I love it except for the lack of internal memory, small SD capacity and the slow app processing speed. Ironically my wife and I have been in position to renew our service since 10/09, but haven’t for this very reason.

      I’ve been mulling over the idea of switching to T-Mobile or AT&T (only for the iPhone). When I first caught wind of the droid i thought it was going to be another corny marketing play. Then i really looked into it and the BB Storm. Now i know i’ll be back to VZW, just not sure which phone. I have a large list of BBIM contacts, but i have the feeling if I go with the Droid I can ditch my iPod touch. Reading the features and specs of the two isn’t enough. I can’t wait to go to the store on Wednesday. Edge is to the droid because motorola’s actual phone clarity and reception has always been better then all others on the planet.

      1. From duhdonutman–“I’m a 31 year old black male Business Analyst for one of the largest investment firms (we probably manage your 401K).”

        Just curious–how the hell is any of that relevant? Don’t want to burst your bubble…you’re not the only black business analyst in the world. But hey–at least when you pull a muscle patting yourself on the back you’ll have a good phone for calling the doctor.

        Sorry, don’t mean to drag things off topic…but that one just really, really twisted me up.

      2. @BetterOnTwo — It’s called demographics not an attempt of self praise or “feelin’ myself”. To help gain perspective when making a purchase it’s a more helpful to know the demographics of persons giving a review then to just rely on opinion of facts that are important to the particular reviewer.
        Oh, and this week i’m a system analyst and not a business analyst.

      3. Donut–Agreed on demographics, won’t dispute their validity in making a decision. However–their value depends on what you’re evaluating. Age–relevant. Occupation/industry–relevant. Race–not so much. Simply stating “I’m a 31 year old male business analyst for one of the largest investment firms…” would have been sufficient. Why would race be an important factor? Does the functionality differ from black analysts to white analysts?

        I’m truly not trying to work you up or start a fight, you obviously do what you do because you’re intelligent and talented enough to work as a sys. analyst. I just get torqued when I see race pop up where it really has no relevance. Black, white, purple, whatever–people are people, brains are all grey. A statement like sends a message that you wall yourself off (even if it wasn’t your intent). All I’m saying is be careful where you insert race, you’ll wind up inadvertantly sending the wrong message…and possibly throw up some red flags.

        This isn’t the venue for this, so I’m done…good luck to you.

  9. I am a current verizon customer and with my contract that ended a month or so ago I was considering moving to ATT for the iPhone but was waiting due to ATT has poor coverage. Plus I live on the costal side of San Diego and facing inland is a huge hill so it has been problems for years for myself and my family, all who live in various parts but on the same costal side of this hill to find a provider where we got decent coverage over here.

    We had ATT and it was horrible we had to get rid of it after a few days then again this was years ago, but Verizon I have had for a couple years and I now get at least one or two bars everywhere on this side, and in one room in my parents house, lol.

    Anyways, due to my location I am PUMPED verizon is releasing the Droid in a few days and I am going to stay with Verizon instead of leaving.

    I can see some of my iPhone friends switching as well, one of them can only make phone calls outside his house due to poor reception and he lives more inland on flat ground. We’ll see, among my friends either you have an iPhone or an old outdated phone so those with the iPhone are real cocky about it so it might hurt there ego a bit to switch but I seriously see it coming, a main reason is the bad coverage of ATT.

    I am more curious as to see what they are going to charge a month for this phone though!

  10. Both Storm 2 and Droid will be terrific phones. Decisions will be made by regular consumers based on their like/dislike of having to press to click on Storm 2 and likelihood of many more Google than Blackberry Apps. But, people who think Google Navigation will be free through Verizon will be sadly disappointed. You still have to pay $10 a month for VZ Navigator because Verizon wants the revenue. Still, Verizon customer service and network beats the heck out of ATT’s. So sad we can’t just get the iPhone on Verizon and be done with it.

    1. you absolutely do not need to purchase the vz navigation to access your google navigation on the new droid. this came straight from the top im not sure where you heard this info at but it is deffinately incorrect.

    2. I’ve had the Storm1 since spring and ditched VZ Navigator after a month when I discovered the Google app. It’s free and I’ve been using it near daily for several months. It’s an app that uses your gps. You should be able to use this free app on most smart phones. Unless Google changes something, then your statement of cost is innaccurate.

      I’m a satisfied VZW customer since 2000. The Storm1 became my laptop, my iPod, and my GPS. With the Droid coming, I can see the $200 worth it to upgrade the memory and speed of all of the above, rather than buying a Netbook or equivalent as I’ve been considering.

      FYI I’m 25 and have never considered an iPhone, as I love the VZ network, and I didn’t need a toy. I sync .doc, .pdf, and .pst files. Can an iPhone do that?

      Looking forward to seeing the Droid.

  11. I am a apple user and jumped on the Iphone bandwagon for about a year and liked the device but hated the ATT network. It just sucks, period. I switched to T Mobile because of the new flex plan and larger network but still had signal coverage issues and the 3G netowrk coverage is not even close to Verizon.

    I have to be fair and say that I have switched to Google email and calender and are no longer tied to ITunes or the Blackberry desktop to backup my data. Its stored on the Google server and I can access it from any PC, this feature sealed it for me. My contacts and calender are alwyas synced and what is the point of having a device like the Iphone, Blackberry, Droid if you do not have the data plan?

    Last but not least, go to a store and test all the phones and make your decision based on your experence

  12. Well I am a little half a year away from my ending contract with AT&T and going straight to Verizon the same day. As the other poster said that he was going to wait till the right phone came out for the Verizon network and the DROID has come. I’ve owned the iPhone and now have the Bold but the network really does sucks. Roughly %70ish of Georgia has NO 3G coverage and I pay a good Benjamen a month for an individual plan. I’d rather pay that much for Verizon and experiencing Android, being the closest thing to another desktop OS, and be covered in 3G anywhere I go… well at least in Georgia which they COVER nearly 100% of. Also mentioning personal preference, I know I won’t enjoy the physical qwerty keyboard on the droid as much as my bold, but still prefer the option of having it. I considered the Storm 2 but like I said, no physical qwerty, not android, not fond of it. So yea… next summer, Verizon is going to have a new customer.

  13. I have a Blackberry World and absolutely love the Blackberry system. However, I wish that RIM would upgrade a phone that looked like the Droid. I want a full keyboard that will slide out from under the screen – like the Droid has. I send a lot of emails and text messages, and having a better keyboard would be so much easier. I have no intention of going to the iPhone or to the Storm because of the lack of a real keyboard. If you are serious about using your smartphone as something other than a toy, which is what I consider an iPhone with its thousands of silly apps, rather than a work device, I think you have to go to the Blackberry. But RIM has to bring the style of its device to a more modern device – or lose out to the Droid.

  14. I would like to know what will be released in the next 6-8 months from all of the carriers. At&t is horrible in my location and we are very pleased with Verizon. However, I have gone threw 3 Storms in the past 6 months because they all have malfunctioned. Suggestions?

  15. Just purchased the BB Storm II running on Verizon. I it awesome, I previously had a BlackJack II on AT&t. I could not stand the dropped calls from my house all of the time.. The Storm performs great, I downloaded a bunch of free apps, and I got it for a great price at Wal-mart.. The Droid looked dorky and felt flimsy.. Get a real smart phone get a BlackBerry. If you want a toy, then get a Droid.

    1. ur totally right oscar,droids are reallly flimsy and the camra is resally bad and ppl that want the droid cause of the kepadd,its really bad and small,there are o gaps between the letters anditss so hard to type,the blackberry 2 is wayy better =)


    2. Flimsy,not a real smart phone,a dorky toy,are you serious oscar,the droid is the best phone out sure the storm is a great phone but can’t touch the Droid ,you must of been in the toy section and made a mistake and thought you were in electronics

  16. I have the Storm 2 and wish I would have kept my old POS generic phone. As a phone, the Storm sounds crappy, is difficult to use- simply answering a call is difficult, and dialing can be downright maddening- and is generally frustrating. As a “smart” device, it has glitches galore. It is extremely sensitive to shock, but not to intentional user input, email synching is unreliable at best, the usefulness of apps do not justify the cost, the G3 connectivity is horrid, it is still difficult to type on… I could go on forever. Suffice to say, wish I bought the droid.

  17. great phones. love them both. i actually like everything about the droid the best but i don’t like the feel. I know that’s a silly reason not to like the phone, usually for people it’s the processor and all the inside junk, but for me the droid is just too big and clunky, and uhh kinda ugly? I don’t know. but besides that i like both of them. I rate storm2 7 out of 10, and droid 8 out of 10. i got them both at gsmauthority.com and i love them. wife loves the BB more but that’s a given 😉

  18. I tried the samsung moment and hated it like a passion. I went back my trusty blackberry. Actually upgraded from 8530 to 8330. (has wi-fi). Touch screens suck… for me…

  19. wow, not sure with storm 2 but the droid completely destroys the first storm. i just switched and its just a world of a difference i love that my phone isnt constantly having to take 30 sec to load for me

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