8 thoughts on “Dropbox has 4 million business customers. For them it now has a new Dropbox for business”

  1. Drop Box has certainly given a great advantage to its users. Its really very innovative that whatever we put in Drop Box, we can access that on our tabs and PC’s.
    Today everyone carries Android phones where we always have some insecurity about our dta. But introducing Drop Box has made it Secure. So, makes ease for Business people as well.

  2. For small businesses the services may be fine. For medium and large businesses, there are more requirements like data separation, custom branding, data residency requirements and many others. In that case, a company is better off choosing self hosted solutions like Tonido FileCloud (http://www.getfilecloud.com).

    Dropbox for Business is still a public cloud service. The reality is we live in information economy where information and intellectual property is a first order citizens for any business. So storing your organization data to a public cloud (whether it is dropbox or some other service) is equivalent to giving keys to your organization’s treasure trove. Also Dropbox being a high profile target, if the service hacked for some reason, it puts your data at risk in inadvertently. Tread with care.

  3. How it is that day after day it seems that this Gigaom website is turning into nothing but paid always positive advertising for certain companies?

    Box.com is still a much better product for business customers with much more mature sharing and access for content, security and device authorization.

    But no matter this Gigaom site seems to choose the winners and losers before it writes its articles. If you want more questions on that look at the Masthead that highlights Apple’s walled garden products above all others (Apple used to be at least one item to the right on the masthead).

    1. Clearly you don’t have anything to add about Dropbox’s news. Then you make an unrelated comment about Apple (and Apple ecosystem). Instead you make baseless allegations against us and what we do. Stop projecting your own biases and cast aspersions of our team and our company. Either be a productive member of the community and contribute with ideas or actual commentary or move along to some other place which meets your base needs.


  4. Both of you, Om and hundoman, need to get a grip. Assertions are not necessarily fact, and both of you have made assertions about the other that are not backed up. Thank you both for the intelligent conversation.

    I’d like to see mre discussion about what venkat wrote.

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